Joint Venture explores new mooring and structural foundation Technologies

Blue Water Dynamo’s of Gray Maine in partnership with Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) Limited is reviewing the application of new mooring and structural foundation technologies for Maine tidal and offshore wind projects. The new technology has been developed by SMD in response to the industry's competitive need to reduce installation costs. SMD and Blade Offshore Services Limited (BOS) have completed a deal which sees the creation of a joint venture, SMD-BORD, and joint development of a novel technology for the installation of marine renewables devices on the seabed.
The unique technology makes use of a sacrificial double-skinned annular drill, which cuts more quickly than traditional full-bore cutting methods. This will allow piles and anchors used in the growing
marine renewables industry to be installed more precisely, more efficiently, at a lower cost and within tidal windows. The technology also offers an alternative to expensive gravity foundations.
Signature of the joint venture follows a series of dry trials in which the performance of the technology exceeded expectations. SMD will add its expertise in subsea engineering, remotely operated systems, and seafloor tractors to the innovative drilling technology developed by BOS in order to bring a range of remotely operated subsea drill rigs to the market. These will be tailored for different sizes and types of device and deployment methodologies.
Clive Adshead, Renewables Business Stream Manager at SMD commented: “Both parties are very pleased to have signed this joint venture, and we are looking forward to the final stages of development. I have been involved with the marine renewables industry for a number of years, and I believe that this technology is game-changing in terms of the installation solutions that the industry needs.”
Speaking for BOS, John Swingler, Director of Drilling Operations said: “We are very excited to be working with our partners SMD who lead the industry in Subsea vehicle technology. The SMD-BORD Joint Venture will provide the marine renewables sector with the cost effective installation solutions for seabed structures and permanent moorings which the industry has been searching for. We are at the birth of the subsea turbine industry and our innovative pile technology together with SMD’s proven subsea vehicle engineering will be seen as a step change in underwater device installation both domestically and globally.”
SMD and BOS were advised in the joint venture by Dickinson Dees and Ward Hadaway.
The joint venture will operate from SMD’s head office in Wallsend , Newcastle upon Tyne. For more information about the potential use of this technology in Northern New England contact, Blue Water Dynamo, James Monroe at 207-657-2330 e-mail Gray, ME